The Journey Begins – My Planned Posts

Thanks for joining me! I’m pretty excited to get started. I have lots of “good ideas” of things I would personally find useful (hopefully others find these things useful as well!)

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Here is a list of upcoming blog posts I would like to write (you can tell many are to prepare for our own little bundle coming!):

  1. Sewing a maternity wardrobe for before, during, and after pregnancy…getting the most bang for your buck
  2. The best baby shower gifts…what do parents actually want and use that you can make
  3. A comparison of “free” baby patterns – Hats, shirts, pants, and cloth diapers
  4. Capsule wardrobe for bringing home baby
  5. Maternity hacks for patterns you probably already have
  6. The panty project – looking at several popular PDF patterns on the same booty with women of different shapes & sizes participating
  7. Colorblocking – how to make the most of your custom fabrics
  8. Lessons in what not to do for tester and/or strike off photos
  9. Making the most of pattern testing – tips to get more out of the experience
  10. Tips on sewing with small children
  11. Patterns I couldn’t live without

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