Shirtzie & Brazi Wrap Reversible Swim Top Hack & Tutorial

Here’s a fun little tutorial on how to use the Shirtzie bodice to make a reversible wrap swim top! You can use basically the same method to make a similar wrap top using the Brazi bodice pieces. Patterns can be found at Stitch Upon a Time Patterns.

Fabric is from Christy’s Cute Designs

You will need:

  • Bodice pattern pieces
  • Extra paper
  • Swim fabric – Main & Lining
  • 1/4” swim elastic – I used a full package for a size small


  1. Trim you bodice pieces so that the straps are a little more narrow. You can see the adjustments I made in the picture below (see the yellow lines). Here I wish I would have trimmed a little more from the armscye side and a little less from the middle.F337C437-04D3-418D-B896-3CE005F5CAE3
  2. Next, to get the wrap part on the front you want to gradually slope out the front curve on the front bodice to where it levels out about 2” wide. I made mine 24” long and am pretty happy with that length, although you could definitely get by with less for this size.EAD8D4A2-7CFE-49E0-9C57-736316D188AD
  3. Now you have your pattern pieces! Cut 2 mirror image pieces of your main and lining fabric (so 4 total pieces) for the front and 1 piece on the fold for the back bodice in each the main and the lining. Here are what mine looked like:85A28C1F-32E3-45B7-99B7-1AA68EFCA558
  4. Sew the main and lining pieces with right sides together, leaving the 4 straps open. (Sew where the yellow lines are, leave open where the red circles are.)E8D8D283-2F49-4C2B-A402-6413B9EAFA2E
  5. Add 1/4” elastic in the seam allowance following the color coded picture: blue – don’t pull just keep taut, green – slightly pull while sewing, red – stretch while sewing. 439CEADC-4562-44A0-B5FD-6D520AACF6B85F32AAB6-97BE-4CCE-8D74-125CE4B3D605
  6. Flip everything right side out.B5B9BD03-5F33-40BA-BDDF-BD9A663ADD3F
  7. Fold the seam allowance of one bodice strap opening inward.C621A114-30B5-4630-96C7-A99BCF2FA0B5
  8. Insert the respective back strap into the opening and stitch together (make sure your strap isn’t twisted!) I did 2 rows of stitching to make sure it was secure. Repeat for the other side. Zigzag stitch around the entire suit for a more professional finish. And you’re done!783FECB9-A0E7-498C-A92E-5D0F9BC92950

    Here’s an example of a similar one I made awhile back using the Brazi pattern instead:

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